Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Under £1000

Is this really achievable? Or are we living in a bit of a fantasy world nowadays? I am not so sure that anything connected to motoring can really fall into the category of ‘cheap’, with rising petrol costs and motoring costs we really are taking quite a hammering at the moment that is for sure.

I noticed that a little while ago the government agreed that it was wrong and discriminative to have cheaper car insurance for young drivers under £1000 for females than it was for males!

Well, ok that is a bit of a stretch of the truth as the £1000 was not mentioned but it is a fact that lady drivers did manage to secure cheaper insurance than those that were labelled as ‘boy racers’. So what did they do about it? Well, they put UP the female insurance to be in line with the males!!

Now, I have hunted high and low and looked at some different options for you regarding my heading of ‘cheap car insurance for young drivers under £1000′ and I have found some choices!

Provisional car insurance is cheaper for young drivers than those that have passed their test!! Seriously, this is because as a learner you are always accompanied by an experienced driver.

Some companies will insure you for shorter periods of time, weekly or monthly quotes are available.

Once you have passed your test keep experienced drivers on your insurance. This helps to bring the premium down as if they are sharing the car with you in theory that is less time that you are a risk!

Make sure you check out all sites – not just comparative web-sites on the internet but ones that do not sign up to these comparative sites and indeed local brokers who may offer a better deal due to your locality.

Finally find out who other members of the family are insured with and see if their companies do a multi-car policy! this could save £000′s

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